Adisorn and His Achievements to be 2016 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner

Adisorn and His Achievements to be 2016 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner


Success within Thai advertising industry for young players in Thailand can be described in two sections; academic success, and business/professional success – being accepted and recognised by team and clients.

Being graduated in Advertising and Marketing with first class honour is a meaningful reward I am proud of, and the first passionate step pushing me in Digital Marketing Industry.

To begin with my performance, the first challenge is when I got accepted to an Agency as Digital Strategic Planner; a position normally be reserved for experienced talents. Everything seemed hard for me at that time. Thus, being studious and enthusiastic is the key to learn and run on work.

Every time I was assigned the tasks, I gave my best effort to make it well-done. Within 4 months, I was entrusted to by-my-own to step-up to take responsibility and action on global accounts LG and Nivea.

I significantly earned work experience from Nivea, where I was allowed to change traditional strategies and tactics to improve the industry.

For example; (1) the combination of engagement campaign and marketing content by utilising 30+ top beauty bloggers to co-create utility content that fit to the product and bring into campaign engagement while spread out those contents on blogger’s territory in parallel. This results in the most engagement and the campaign evidences along with the online consumer journey; (2) Digital strategy for Re-branding by starting from online to offline and Initiating new way of Facebook strategy.

After-a-month feedback turned out higher engagement and positive comments.

Afterward, I have moved to mInteraction for a-year-and-a-half. I have learnt new terms of digital campaign and media, and taken account of key clients as dtac (Thailand’s second largest telecommunication company), and ClubMed.

Recently, I was awarded “Young Player Awards” – the highest level of recognitions within the network giving to a young rising star – from being team leader to all dtac campaigns, plus countless of positive feedbacks from clients.

On top of that, I strongly believed that the greatest success I have achieved is the acceptance and trust from client; top-tier management and colleagues. Those intangible achievements gave me a life of work-valued and self-standard. After the output has been positively delivered, higher expectation from colleagues and clients has been emerged. That prospect turns to my pride and new challenge to push me out there as my motto said, “do it your best then the best will be with you.”

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