Pan and His Achievements to be 2015 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner

Pan and His Achievements to be 2015 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner

The challenge of my career path starts right after I accept an offer with a mission of establishing Thailand’s first Digital Consumer Insights & Research unit at mInteraction, a digital arm of GroupM.

My previous experience working in digital marketing at a leading QSR company, McDonald’s allowed myself to let my eyes opened that without insightful information, it will be very difficult for ones to create a real meaningful digital communication.

As I believed that great opportunity does not come often, hence I hold it fast and it became the main reason that brought me back to Thailand with a passion to reveals the untold insights and behaviour of digital consumers and bring them to inspire the teams, clients, and the industry.

From the first day I joined, I managed to work with internal data resources, research houses and organisations, and be able to transformed new information to the industry. My consumer insights unit has delivered a several insightful findings of digital consumer trends and behavioiurs namely social commerce of millennial mums, online investors, pet lovers, baby boomer & their social behaviours and to be mentioned.

Another highlight of my career includes GroupM FOCAL, Thailand’s largest digital conference as I was trusted and assigned by senior management to be a project leader. This opportunity allows me to step-up and experience on the way to delegate and deal with demanding parties; more than 500 clients, 60 news reporters and 100+ GroupM people.

In parallel with FOCAL, I managed to design and conduct a research named “New Internet Users” across the nation with a purpose of exploring new perspectives from the novices to internet. I have got opportunities to talk and observe people in the Northern, Northeastern, and Central regions to discover that the Thais in rural areas didn’t know much about internet, they only know they use LINE and Facebook.

These works were significantly made mInteraction to be recognised internally and externally with client’s requests for more information or to have a separate presentation. On the other hand, throughout newly created connections with media, FOCAL together with the findings from New Internet User have received countless media exposures.

These passions, determinations and contributions were acknowledged by the senior management when I was named and awarded “The Young Player” trophy.

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