#PepsiEffect 2014 by mInt

Pepsi Effect by mInteraction

PepsiCo Thailand has launched a new product ‘Pepsi Ten’, and supported it with an online activation campaign. Brand campaigns from Pepsi seek to associate with attributes such as social, active and fun in the beverages sector in connection with Thai’s pop culture and youth.



As an online part of the latest brand campaign ‘Pepsi 345’ with the app ‘Wow’ as the online activation asset, the business challenge was to convert the regular glass bottle user to the new Pepsi Ten bottle (345ml). GroupM Thailand’s digital unit, mInt, with media agency Mindshare teamed up with the brand to help the newly designed bottle to regain the target audience, Pepsi loyalists and in between users as well as grow distribution under the retail price of 10 Baht. For past decades, Pepsi managed to hold the position of market leader in Thailand. However, through the disappearance of the brand and products in 2011 via the change of its manufacturer and distributor in Thailand, the brand lost its position. The main challenge was to introduce the new Pepsi Ten through the line, instil and educate the value for money aspect to the target, and blend in the Pepsi spirit of teen and culture into the brand socially anywhere and anytime in every angle of the teen lifestyle at the highlight price of 10 Baht.




Extensive research illustrates how Pepsi plays an important role in Thai food culture for a long period of time. It is very unusual for Thais to order a favourite outdoor or street dish without a cola beverage as it can be a refresher, social status pointer and food highlighter. Pepsi hoped to be again recognised in Thailand’s eating behaviour and food culture through its new NR (the non-returnable bottle design in plastic) as a tool to bring back the same old drinking experience with a modern twist from the traditional glass bottle to hip plastic bottle.

The approach was to take consumers through the journey of the ‘Pepsi Effect’; that includes the teaser, online brand application gaming competition as well as offline communication. The ‘Wow’ app was a way of re-introducing the eating behaviour for Thai youngers to enjoy outdoorsy food preferences with its new bottle. By snapping photos in front of the webcam, the app randomises Thailand’s very own authentic and favourite dish recommendations to match the Pepsi skin as a new way to reintroduce the Pepsi product into the social media network.




The agency created the teaser phase where the consumer can feel engaged by utilising global assets and localising the teaser with four celebrities under the #PepsiEffect followed by a pilot group of consumers. They were also welcomed by the partial product reveal as the brand posted the teaser of Pepsi 345. This aimed to the spread the word about the new Pepsi 345 in town and create the Pepsi Effect attack.

In the first phase of executionconsumers could upload their photo (from Facebook or the computer) or take a photo for the webcam in the ‘Wow’ Execution campaign under the key message the Pepsi Effect Attack is coming to you and Thailand, making it irresistible to surrender.

Next was to Click ‘Let’s WOW’ button on the menu to randomise food dishes accompanying the beverage image in the photo.

Finally, clicking ‘share’ button to share the image to Facebook and score a chance to win the prize. Participants were required to type #PEPSIEFFECT in the image caption before sharing. Upon completion of these steps the image will be posted on the consumer’s Facebook wall.

Pepsi also was giving out four prizes, one per week. The first week is the Urface Messenger bag, the second week was the SNRD sunglasses, G-shock Watch in the third week, and Marshall headphone in the fourth week.


Microsite: https://www.Pepsithaidigital.com/Pepsieffect

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PepsiThai

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGvhJn1ENBc




As per the company, the brand brought back nostalgic moments to resemble the old experience as a new trend such as flashbacks of iconic stars in the past, Thailand’s own Miss Universe and Michael Jackson to name a few. The campaign has been digitally shared and talked, not just only by the teenagers, but everyone. It also brought back the same old Pepsi lovers to live their moments with the activities. Pepsi 345 was a bubbling success symbolising the sense of newness and bringing fun into the lives of teenagers.


• Microsite: 97,275 unique visitors (+186%), 200,139 page views (+194%)

• New 74,506 Facebook likes (+89%), 173,095 Facebook video views (+461%), 473,440 engaged users (+25.49% of total fans), 1,474,248 impressions, average 16,909 users engaged per day

• 8,468 images (+44%) submitted, 6,701 participants

• 215,759 pre-roll add reach (+110%)




Siremorn Supachanya, Senior Marketing Manager
Tatsanaporn Todhanakasem, Group Product Manager


Jirat Arinrith, Executive Creative Director
Buncharit Saovapichard, Interactive Art Director
Thitinut Hirunprueck, Group Account Director

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