What GroupM Tailand Did for #IWD2020 [ Part II ]

In addition to the highlight quotes from our female leaders as well as the branding – this year, we have invite the staff of GroupM Thailand to take part in order to celebrate this special occasion; International Women’s Day 2020. Followings are experiences, thoughts, and inspirations shared by our people through the various questions.


Being a women is the precious gift.

The root of kids – our future generation is their mothers, who is a women.

And women is the ones to teach them what love, sharing and caring are.

– Khun Duangruedee Satang
GroupM Thailand



I am hugely inspired by anyone who has strong passion in what they do; Chef, DJ, Yoga, Teacher, Musician, Programmer, Artist, etc.

– Khun Siwat Chawareewong
CEO, GroupM Thailand

Some podcast; Exponential Wisdom,
The TIme Ferris Show,
Chasing Excellence.

Plus some good read; Abundance,
AI Super-Powers,
Why Nations Fail,

– Khun Niklas Stalberg
CEO, GroupM Thailand

I spend a lot of time commuting.
Podcast is my daily source of inspiration.
Revisionist History by Malcom G.,
ETL by Standford eCorner and Aubrey M. podcasts are my heavy rotation.

– Khun Rathakorn Surbsuk
Managing Director, Wavemaker Thailand


Two books which have inspired me so far are;
Steve Jobs, and Becoming.

– Khun John Pradithavanij
Managing Director, Xaxis Thailand

If we talk business and work, I would say podcast as The Secret Sauce.
On the other hand, The Culture Trip IG is my personal pleasure.

– Khun Piyawan Khawnngam
MediaCom Thailand


I am a big fan of podcast of successful entrepreneurs as
Secret Sauce,
Are You OK,
Super Productive.

– Khun Natanat Chintamarit
MediaCom Thailand


I am addicted to travel, so what inspires me the most are those travel contents.
I believed that there is nothing eye opening than going for a walk in a strenge place.

– Khun Prapatsorn Mahawana


It’s a book called Mindset, changing the way you think to fulfill your potential,
Another is a podcast by Round Finger.

– Khun Jitirath Supornjirapat
Mindshare Thailand

I would say movies,
the characters from each film can be my inspiration and motivation.

– Khun Apichaya Tragulgomate
Wavemaker Thailand

Reading books on the beach have given me such inspiration to create many wonderful things.

– Khun Chayanuch Piyapanyamongkol
MediaCom Thailand

I read a lot of self-improvement for both personal and professional skills;
“Buffettology”, Who Move My Cheese”, “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20”.

Also, I am a big fan of podcast;
“The Secret Sauce”,
“Mission to the Moon”, and many more.

– Khun Phakawat Tantiveerabut
Mindshare Thailand




On the basis of sex,
The Help,
The Devils Wear Prada.

– Khun Kruamas Suriya
MediaCom Thailand

Cheer – Netflix,
The Devils Wear Prada,
Man in the Mirror.

– Khun Kanokwan Cheevawattanachai
Wavemaker Thailand

Joker 2019,
One Day,
Shape of Water.

– Khun Supharak Suarchavarat
GroupM Thailand

Little Women,

– Khun Kanokporn Techathammanon
Wavemaker Thailand





I marked this day to salute it all to my mother.

As a single mum,
a confident women,
a trusted leader,
and a good friend of her daughter;
She raised me so well to become who I am today.

That’s why she deserves to be my inspiration and a role model for all single mums in the world.

I embranced what women can do for her family, her work, and her society to make our world a better living place for all the living things.

– Khun Nirawan Vilaiswan
GroupM Thailand

My mum has inspired me to get through all the challenges – with three preious tips in life;
to value in Yourself, Family, Friends and Colleagues.

– Khun Natrada Kulratanamanee
MediaCom Thailand


A lot of women inspire me and if I had to select one (apart from my mum), it will be P’Rose Rosalina Alexandra, founder of “The Rainbow Room: A Special Needs Awareness Centre”.

I have known her for a very long time and throughout the years, her actions and words genuinely reflect her values which comes straight from her angelic soul.

She’s smart, funny, caring, warm and strong.
She gives me hope for humanity.

– Khun Asida Tawatsin
GroupM Thailand


Zaha Hadid, the greatest female architect ever lived, is one of the most famous women who inspires me the most.

She’s the one who liberated typical architechtural geometry and symmetry with expressive identity which has never been seen before.

Her outstanding works include 950 projects in 44 countries.

She was the first women to get the Pritzker Architechture Prize which is equivalent to a Nobel Prize in Architech, was named one of the 100 most powerful women in the world by Forbes and was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II despite of her background as immigrant from iraq.

– Khun Bhidak Indraduta
Mindshare Thailand

Anne Frank is ispirational to me.
She makes me think about how human can be driven to such extremes in times of peril.

One of her quotes I really like, “Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery”.

– Khun Jitlada Sidhu
MediaCom Thailand


Actually there are many women who inspire me – the most recently is Ellen DeGeneres, the American comedian and the host of The Ellen Show.

She has been through the best and the most difficult times when she announced that she is gay. But finally she could successfully rise up again.

And what I inspired from her speech and her life is about “stay true to yourself”.

It’s about to live your life with integrity and not consent to peer pressure to try to be something that you’re really not.
Be honest and compassionate person and to contribute in some way.

This is something that really capture and inspires me.

– Khun Anocha Wattanajarukit
Mindshare Thailand



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