Pepsi AR Karaoke by Mindshare Thailand




For decades, Pepsi has always been a driving force in music culture. Every year Pepsi always deliver new music experience to targeted consumers, particularly Thai teens, whether it be online campaigns or on-ground concerts.

And, as a result, Pepsi is perceived as “the music innovator” who is ahead of trends as well as fellow competitors when come to music marketing.   However, last year Pepsi dropped communication in music marketing to focus on anniversary celebration. This caused Pepsi to lose music equity with Thai teens and allowed Pepsi’s competitors to tap into Pepsi’s music territory.

This year, then, Pepsi wants to reclaim music territory back and to reignite music equity with Thai teens. To do so, Pepsi aims to deliver the unique fun music experience only Pepsi can offer to register in the mind of Thai teens that Pepsi is the true No.1 music innovator in Thailand.


Teens are Pepsi’s core target in music marketing. What we know about teens is they obviously love music, inspired by their idols, love self-expression and social media is their channel to make it all happen.

We’ve seen countless snippets and videos of teens singing songs they love or dancing songs they adore on the internet. There are always new ones coming out probably hourly.   Also, we know that teens are true digital natives. They are hyper-connected, mobile-first, and have very short span of attention. They appreciate seamless experience that needs no effort, can be personalized to match their taste, and can be delivered on demand anywhen and anywhere they want.

With these insights comes Pepsi’s idea “Pepsi AR Karaoke,” Pepsi music campaign on Facebook Messenger utilizing AR camera, karaoke function, and chatbot to let teens sing Pepsi’s exclusive song they like, be the idol they adore, and create and share their own individual version of song they love with the world in just one click.


This great collaboration of Pepsi, agencies and Facebook, resulted in stellar results.

  • Pepsi song was played 5 million times on the first day alone, generated total campaign media coverage 560 million media impression, uniquely reaching 25 million people.
  • In just a week after launch, the participation hit 300K and kept rollin’
  • Brand lift awareness score moved up +5 points among teens, +3.7 pts increase in brand favorability more than triple of the norm. In addition, brand association with music soared 4 points comparing to the same period last year, according to the Brand Health Survey.
  • Sales of the product went up +20% compared to previous year, +113% over the set target, with positive gain on market share.

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