GroupM Thailand presents ‘NextM – Prepare for What is Next


์NextM Thailand 2017

Focus on digital which is quickly changing all aspects of how we live & communicate and reaffirm that that the future of media-driven marketing is inextricably tied to data and technology & the market will decide on the use of the Dual-Panel Measurement systems-

Mr Kevin Clarke, CEO of GroupM Thailand and Myanmar, revealed that this seminar is a collaborative effort of GroupM and its media agencies namely Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare and mInteraction. To dig deeper into consumer behavior and media trends, marketing gurus are invited to share their expertise and viewpoints. As far as the competitiveness of advertisers and brands is concerned, leading media and content providers in Thailand will also be present at the event with their exhibitions of latest programs. These special offers are exclusively for GroupM clients.


The ‘NextM – Prepare for what is next’ will bring up pressing issues in media industry such as Dual-Panel Measurement. This measuring system was first adopted by AGB Nielsen Media Research (Thailand), enabling the company to expand its sampling size and cover online media since last year. Another new system, Multi-Screen Rating, will be used by Kantar Media Co. after it was awarded a contract from the Media Research Development Association (Thailand) or MRDA to measure TV viewership on every media platform and device from TV, smartphone, computer, to tablet, called ‘Multi-Screen Rating’. Kantar Media will introduce its pilot measurement in early 2017. It is beyond all doubt that the Dual-Panel Measurement will bring changes to the media industry during the initial period. The rest is left for advertisers & media agencies that must to adapt to these changes.


Khun Rathakorn Surbsuk, GroupM Trading Partner explained further that “For GroupM, the world’s leading full service media investment group, has already used Dual-Panel Measurement in many countries. For the first time in Thailand, successful cases of the Dual-Panel Measurement from GroupM’s Malaysia and Philippines will be shared.”


In terms of the consumer and media trend in 2017, Khun Rathakorn added that data and technology are quickly changing how clients reach out to consumers. Brands should focus on the ‘Cross Channel Targeting’ by considering the holistic view of consumer experience, combining both offline and online communication, and analyzing consumer behaviors and purchase data in order to maximize brand communication efficiency. Brand’s message needs to be personalized to an individual member of audience. With changing media landscape and consumer behavior, multi-screen rating data are a necessary tool which media agencies and marketers can use to select the right communication channel to reach their audiences.
The second trend is the “Live video” which is becoming a phenomenal communication form which many brands utilize for their live broadcasts, product launches, events, product demonstration, and so on. With its key strength that supports two-way communication, it offers brands a great opportunity to build a relationship with and receive real-time consumer feedback. In 2017, one can expect a huge expansion of live streaming platforms and experiments in various advertising formats.
The third trend is ‘Content Leads.’ Good use of Content is increasingly important for brands to stand out in the middle of different media platforms and formats. There is also no better time for a brand to seize this opportunity and build rapport with its consumers. Unlike the past when content was mainly made for TV and then re-broadcasted online, today’s contents are tailor-made to suit each media channel; for example, LINE TV produces uniquely different contents for broadcasts on social media. Technologies such as Sky VR (Virtual Reality) or an application for 360-degree video viewing will be used to enhance consumer experience.
The fourth trend is the growth of “Online shopping”. With the growth of smartphone use as well as the popularity of social media and consumer need for convenience, most retailers have offered online shopping channels which in turn open up an opportunity for other related services such as LINE MAN, a delivery application. This trend poses a challenge for marketers to manage their budget while enhancing their advertising channels to reach both groups of consumers: those who are still on traditional media and retail channels, and those who are moving to online.


The last trend is “Local touchpoint”. To reach consumers in remote areas is always challenging, especially if consumers are adults since they are less likely to open to media than urban consumers and tend to be familiar with a traditional lifestyle. These consumers are also highly segmented across different areas or provinces. A proven successful strategy is the door-to-door approach with local influencers because it can provide consumers in remote areas with excitement and a direct experience of the brand.
Regarding “content”, the heart to communicate with consumers today, Khun Rathakorn said that GroupM and its partner LINE have worked together to select premium programs from around the world to serve advertiser/brand requirements via LIVE TV platform. The premium content via premium platforms will be a new solution for marketers and advertisers.
Another highlight of the seminar is the discussion session by leading marketing gurus who will share their viewpoints and perspectives on the changing media consumption behaviors of today’s consumers. It is an urgent agenda for all Marketers/Advertising to sense this change and brace for its impact marketing communication and expectations of Marketers/Advertisers toward media agencies, TV Stations and content providers have shifted. Therefore, everybody cannot sit back anymore; it’s time to catch up with these trends. Last but not least, leading TV Stations, and content providers will present their innovations and cutting-edge programs /show at their exhibition booths.


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