Krirk and His Achievements to be 2016 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner

Krirk and His Achievements to be 2016 Young Black Dragons of Asia Winner

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In my opinion – I have learnt to define the meaning of success on my own terms and focuses; “how my team and I could make the most effective contributions to the brands, the clients, the organisation, and to the industry.”

In brief, I started my “love” in digital marketing since 2006 – as an internee at mInteraction. This continues to what I counted as my first career achievement; right after my graduation, I have received an immediate invitation to join the Agency’s “Young Talent Programme”.

During the first few years of my profession, I have received lots of opportunities to be working in/with blue-chip organisations and teams as JWT, CP, and OP where I learnt to uplift my essential basic foundations, and skill-sets.

I rejoined Mindshare/mInteraction in 2014, with a challenge to lead the digital unit for Unilever – reporting directly to the Digital Head of SEA.

The highlights of my achievement to the brands, clients, and organisation include “being accepted, and trusted” as one of clients’ business partner.

Campaigns and projects, I responsible for were strategically planned, not just aims to get on awareness, however be focused on how can we digitally grown client businesses as well as ours.

In the last 15 months, the team has won 19 marketing, creative, and digital media awards, together with countless recognition to both local and international stages; for example MMA Smarties, PMAA, YouTube APAC Ad Leaderboard, Adman, and to be mentioned.

To the digital marketing industry, as one of the key attributors to Thailand’s largest advertiser, the team managed to spin the growth of digital resulted as part of the dramatically growth in the Country’s digital advertising expenditure, evidenced by the DAAT Report.

For my team, I could leverage my always playful working style, with young and fresh spirit that stand for a new edge of leadership and integrity as an inspiration to my fellow team members.

My contributions, dedications and achievements have acknowledged by my organisation at regional stage. Recently, I have just been chosen by Mindshare Global Team to be one of 10 representatives of the Company’s rookies to 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival.

Last but not least, I strongly believed that “success” can be measured by how happy I am – on what I am now doing professionally and personally.

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